Data-driven insights for an evolving energy market

opportunity at every point on the grid

Our customers use Kevala's software platform to develop data-driven strategies for growth and make decisions.

Solar Project Developers

Kevala’s platform simplifies data-driven decision making for developers, from data analysis across several spreadsheets to just a few clicks.

Utilities & Regulators

Kevala’s platform simplifies data-driven market management for the biggest players.

Advocacy Organizations

Kevala’s platform helps organizations tell compelling, data-driven stories to influence policy and legislative decisions.

Clean energy financiers

Kevala gives you the data you need to choose projects with the best risk to reward ratio.

software for the energy+ economy

"A killer app for electricity markets."

Mark Ferron, CAISO Board of Governors, former CPUC Commissioner

The future of energy is data.

Kevala’s platform is a low cost, high value solution for navigating the data that will reveal the best market opportunities.

Our customers can leverage Kevala’s extensive data sets and proprietary algorithms on their own, or upload their own data sets for an even more robust and tailored analysis.


We are a team of scientists, engineers, and energy wonks, inspired to usher in a cleaner future for the energy economy.


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