Case Study: California Environmental Justice Alliance

June 16, 2016

“The Multifamily Solar Mapping Tool gives us a visual representation of our vision to blanket environmental justice communities with renewable energy. Kevala made the process quick and easy, and the tool is user friendly and accessible.”

Strela Cervas
California Environmental Justice Alliance and CEJA Action

Why did you want to work with Kevala?

We met with Kevala and asked them to help us identify low income qualified multifamily housing units in disadvantaged communities under the Multifamily Solar Roofs Program (AB 693, Eggman) to use to target for solar deployment. We provide this information to our member organizations statewide so they know which buildings will qualify for the program, which communities to conduct outreach to, and determine how local organizations can partner with developers in this initiative. We also wanted to identify where combustion resources are located to show the relationship between disadvantaged communities and emitting plants. Kevala compiled the data and made this interface which allows us to use this to engage our community members and get more solar deployed in low income areas and show legislators why clean energy is important to their communities. Kevala provided this tool to us quickly, for a low cost, in a way that we can use for multiple purposes. It really helps our mission to transition off of fossil fuel while bringing in local renewable energy into communities that need it the most.

How did the Low-Income Multifamily Solar Mapping Tool Kevala created add value to your organization?

We are currently using this tool in two main venues: 1) In the AB 693 implementation process at the California Public Utilities Commission – we are using the tool to help us determine which multifamily buildings can qualify and communicating that information to partners and the CPUC; and 2) We are using the tool to education local community members to look up their areas and have them identify the local multifamily buildings that can qualify.

ceja map