June 5, 2016

Explore and explain new opportunities with data.

Access all the information you need to make better investment and policy decisions in a single platform.

clients & partners

We work with organizations across the energy industry. Here are just a few.

how & where we add value

No matter what part of the industry, Kevala adds value through data.

Solar Project Developers

Kevala’s platform simplifies data-driven decision making for developers. Go from spreadsheet juggling to actionable intelligence in just a few clicks with our Grid Assessor platform.

  • Find optimal locations for projects quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce development and interconnection costs with integration capacity analyses, extensive parcel and geographic data
  • Set the right price and optimize margin for your project’s output
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Utilities & Regulators

Managing long-life assets in a rapidly changing market requires visibility into cause and effect. Kevala’s platform simplifies data-driven market management for the market’s biggest players.

  • Forecast growth of solar and other renewable energy sources to prepare for changes in load
  • Balance clean energy goals with the right rate design and incentives
  • Identify where there are opportunities to benefit the grid leveraging third party investment

Advocacy Organizations

Kevala’s platform helps organizations tell compelling, data-driven stories to decision makers in the public and private sectors.

  • Demonstrate the implications of legislation for the local clean energy economy
  • Engage constituents by illustrating the link between energy and public health
  • Design better sustainability programs by understanding which actions have the broadest benefits to the community

Clean Energy Financiers

From plug and play basis risk analysis to long term volatility assessment, Kevala gives you the data you need to find the best investments to drive energy production and improve your risk to reward ratio.

  • Understand historical price trends and fluctuations
  • Analyze attributes that shape demand and price in every geography
  • Reliably estimate interconnection costs

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