Grid Assessor: Location Matters.

Search, filter, and find ideal project locations for grid-connected solar and storage.

Reduce Origination Costs:

Save weeks of time, site control fees, and land consultant expenses by screening sites from your desktop.

Increase conversion rates:

Reduce development costs by up to 30% with better-qualified projects and less overhead<.

Accelerate market entry:

Learn about new utility territories and local grid constraints using our curated datasets.

Kevala’s Grid Assessor platform allows developers to search and find ideal energy project locations. Grid Assessor provides the following data sets for 15 states:

  • Transmission lines, 3-phase distribution feeders, and substations
  • Parcel information (acreage, ownership, & wetlands)
  • Wholesale energy prices
  • Defined utility service areas


Contact us for the most up-to-date information on when new states will become available at